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Wholesome goodness is here.

Welcome home.

It's familiar and yet new.

Award winning Chef Ora E welcome friends old and new to drop by with ready smiles and eager appetites.

We vow to always serve up satisfying goodness.Our food will be

organically grown, locally sourced, slow-cooked, and served with warm hearts.

We're family now. And this is how we cook for those we love.


No time to linger? No worries, We've packed you a breakfast fit for royalty.

  • Fresh-Baked Goods
  • Slow-roasted oats & grains
  • Vine-ripened grapes & berries
  • Naturally sweetened fruits
  • Freshly harvested vegetables

"The best meals and memories are made with food, love & laughter"


Hearty Meals


Chef Ora E

Wellness Consultant, Award Winning Chef, Food Lover

Born and raised in Bakersfield, Chef Ora E is an award-winning Chef who is committed to the health and wellness of athletes and youth. She owes her life and work ethic to the blue-collar upbringing of her loving parents, Mr. & Mrs. Willie J. and Loretta Frink.

Mixing grit, optimism, and passion in equal parts, that is the story of the success and challenges that followed. Grilling outside with her dad in the dead heat of Bakersfield summers, she loved it, even as a kid.

Ora began her career as a private personal chef with some of the most successful athletes in the world. Shaquille O'Neal and went on to become a private Chef for many athlete champions like,Tyson Chandler,Lamar Odom, Chris Paul, David West, Paul Pierce, TJ Ford, James Pose, then went into the food service arena which gave her a strong catering background and the opportunity to work for top organizations and high-profile personalities.

From there she became a restaurant co-owner. Recently making the choice to take her skills into the education arena, teaching youth and scholar athletes the importance of wellness from a physical angle. Its a decision she does not regret. Ora has a vibrant personality and she's passionate about what she does.

"In my Kitchen, I Sing, Dance, Laugh, and season everything with Joy, Happiness and Love."

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